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The Digital Age of Medicine

Business Technology | December 14, 2012

Everything is going digital nowadays, even medical records. Last time you were at the doctor did they take out an envelope to access your health records? Or did your doctor pull it up on a pc?

Electronic health records

Recently medial professionals have been using software called EHR (Electric Health Records). This has become more and more common. The percentage of office-based physicians who use EHR software stood at 57 percent in 2011, which increased from 50.7 percent in 2010.

Electronic records good news for patients

This is a good thing. If health records are kept electronically, they are much less likely to be lost. On top of that, medical professionals can pull up your medial history instantly. This can shorten the time that patients have to wait to see the doctor.

Federal government encouragement

The federal government is promoting the move toward EHR. They are also supporting electronic filing for prescriptions. This could reduce patients from losing their prescriptions and it ensures they are easier for the pharmacist to read.



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