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Surface 2 still not a top tablet

Business Technology | December 12, 2013

Microsoft’s entry to the tablet market, the Surface, has failed to catch the imagination of consumers. Now Microsoft is back with a reworked tablet, the Surface 2. Unfortunately, according to reviewer Jon Phillips of PCWorld, Microsoft hasn’t done enough to really make the Surface 2 tablet a genuine player.

Sluggish sales

Surface tablet sales have long been sluggish. It’s no mystery either. The tablet market is crowded. Consumers can choose from cutting edge products from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Samsung. The Surface 2 from Microsoft doesn’t stand out among this competition.


According to Phillips, Microsoft hasn’t done anything to make the Surface 2 stand out for customers. He writes that the Surface 2 is classy looking. But there isn’t enough new to give the Surface 2 a real personality. Phillips writes that the Surface tablet line feels a lot more like a hobby for Microsoft than a serious business.


The main benefit of the Surface 2, when compared to its immediate predecessor, is increased speed. The tablet works well and is fast. It has a bright, vivid display. But, as Phillips writes, so do other tablets in the marketplace. And these other tablets also feature more apps. Surface 2 users must shop for apps in the Windows store, and the choices there are simply to few. Until this changes, Phillips writes, don’t expect consumers to reach for the Surface 2.


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