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Speed up your old iPhone, iPad

Business Technology | August 28, 2014

Is your old iPhone or iPad sluggish? Have you detected that it’s not loading videos, playing games or scanning the Web as quickly as it used to? This isn’t abnormal: Devices often slow as they age. Luckily, you don’t always have to invest in a new iPad or iPhone. Lifehacker writer Whitson Gordon in a recent story gives tips to speed up a sluggish machine.

No Updates

We know that you want to keep your iPad or iPhone up-to-date. But Gordon in his Lifehacker story says that the owners of older devices should resist the lure of Apple updates. The reason? Those new versions of iOS or those latest upgrades can prove too powerful for older devices. And they could make those older devices run even slower.

Use Apple’s Own Apps

Third-party apps can be challenging for old iPhones and iPads, too, Whitson writes. Apple’s own apps are designed to work best with these devices. You might prefer Chrome to Safari, but stick with Apple’s Web browser if you’re using an old phone or iPad.

Freeing up Storage

Finally, if your iPhone or iPad is too slow, it’s time to take a hard look at the music, videos and apps you have saved on your device. Whitson suggests erasing any apps, programs or music files that you seldom access. A bit of pruning on your behalf could inject new life into your sluggish device.


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