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Smartphone Habits: A Few Annoying Ones

Business Technology | October 5, 2012

Smartphones do a lot for us. We use them to find the way to places, keep up with our mail and our social media, and they even amuse us. They do more then that though. They frequently bother people around you. This isn’t something inherent in smartphones, but it exists in the users themselves. Here’s a few annoying habits that lots of users develop. Are you guilty of any of these? If so, you might want to be more aware of yourself and the way you use your smartphone.

Texting and driving

Although texting and driving is prohibited in most states, people still do it. This practice is not only troublesome, as it makes you less of an attentive driver, it can bring about car accidents. These accidents can just be fender benders or they can cause fatalities. Send a text to your friend letting them know you will be five minutes late is not worth the chance of injuring yourself or someone else. If you can’t resist the urge to text, try turning your phone off when you are in the car.

Paying more attention to your phone than your friends

Have you ever seen people eating dinner together but they are both on their smartphones? This practice is very annoying for individuals. When you make plans with your friends and family, the objective is to spend time with them, right? How do you do that if you are checking your email the entire time or texting? Remember how you have felt when you have been in the midst of a discussion and a friend has answered a text? Maybe you felt less important. Unless you want your companions to feel this way, avoid your phone when out with them.

Noisy keyboards

When you type your text messages, does your phone spit out a series of beeps, boops, and clicks? If so, it is advisable to turn the sound off on your keyboard. No one around you wants to hear you typing away the text version of “War and Peace.” So switch off that keyboard sound. The people surrounding you in the checkout line, next to you on the bus or attempting to work in the neighboring cubicle will enjoy it.


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