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Smartphone Charging Pads: Analysis

Business Technology | February 24, 2012

We use our smartphones on a daily basis, to download entertainment, make reservations, or locate the closest store. But smartphones don’t hold charge forever and ensuring you’ve got your charger as well as an open outlet can be irritating. Then you have to leave it connected for a long time to ensure it gets completely charged.

Now using a smartphone charge pad, charging your phone is simpler.

Charge your phone wirelessly

These flat pads, which resemble little mats, allow smartphone users to charge their phones wirelessly. What this means is no hunting for an available outlet and no struggling with twisted cords. Better yet, you can place a few devices on your charge pads at the same time and charge all of them at once. Charge pads work with everything from smartphones and electronic readers to iPods, iPads, and digital cameras.

But just how do these devices work? Basically, a charge pad depends on electro-magnetic induction charging. They generate a magnetic field atop the mat that provides power to the batteries of your gadgets.

Charge pads a technology in progress

Smartphone charge pads, though, haven’t exactly captured the imaginations of consumers. There are some explanations for this: First of all, today’s charge pads aren’t inexpensive. In some cases, they cost nearly as much as the gadgets that consumers need to charge.

Second of all, charge pads are big and bulky. They take up a lot of desk or shelf space. This limits their use; considering that, many consumers rely on charge pads to reduce the mess that comes with multiple cords. If charge pads are too large, getting rid of these cords doesn’t minimize clutter.

An improving wireless world

Wireless technology is always improving; so we are bound to see charge pad technology improve. Ideally they’ll become smaller and less expensive which may make these items a must-have for modern homes.


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