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Smart Ways to Incorporate YouTube in Your Business

Business Technology | August 19, 2014

Are You Using YouTube in Your Business?

Most of us know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine around, and a incredible opportunity for helping your business receive more leads, buyers and profits. What’s more, it isn’t all that hard to get your head around. You can quickly and easily create videos fairly inexpensively, that will communicate on various platforms in unison. You may have already been aware of how important YouTube can be for your business but may not recognize how you can assimilate it into your operations.

Let’s look at 7 ways you can incorporate YouTube into your business quickly and profitably.

  1. Create videos of your products and services – Here’s your chance to demonstrate your stuff in action. Strive to make these videos fun, and not overly technical. Emphasize what benefits they can give to the buyers.
  2. Drive traffic – Properly optimized YouTube videos can drive scads of traffic to your pages. Understand how to make your videos rank well in both YouTube and Google for best results. Think about driving paid traffic to your videos. Remember, it is far easier to rank a YouTube video highly than it is a webpage!
  3. Set up a YouTube channel for your business – Create a specific YouTube channel for your business, and keep feeding it! YouTube is also very much a social network, so be sure to keep up with comments on your videos and channel.
  4. Put a face on your business – Letting people meet you and some of your staff via video is a marvelous way to build trust.
  5. Create short videos of valuable tips – Create tip videos that demonstrate your expertise in various areas your audience has an interest in.
  6. Link to your videos with social media – These days it’s very important to link our properties together, in order to create not only better search rankings, but also social media traffic. Make sure that you include links on your social media sites!
  7. Create videos for customer testimonials – A very cool way to build trust and create a few raving fans is to use videos for customer testimonials. This offers excellent social proof about your products and services, which helps get the word out faster.


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