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Slow connections shouldn’t keep you from working on vacation

Business Technology | June 5, 2014

Vacation isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes you need to work. But if you’re stuck at a hotel or resort with a slow Internet connection, this can prove difficult. Fortunately, the Lifehacker Web site offers some easy tricks for working with a sluggish Internet connection.

Apps, plug-ins

Certain apps and plug-ins are bandwidth hogs, decreasing your already sputtering Internet connection. Turn these off to receive an immediate boost. Lifehacker suggests that you download such programs as FlashBlock and AdBlock Plus. These programs can keep bandwidth-sucking ads, videos and animations from slowing down your Web connection.


You can also optimize your Web experience so that you require as little bandwidth as possible. For example, visit the mobile versions of Web sites. Disable images. And don’t even try to download videos.

Work smart

Sometimes, there’s little that you can do to boost your Internet speed. In such cases, you’ll have to work smart. Do those tasks that demand little bandwidth – such as sending e-mails – when you’re saddled with a slow connection. Don’t perform high-bandwidth tasks – such as editing videos – until you’re privileged with a speedier connection.


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