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Sharing screens on a tablet no longer a hassle

Business Technology | June 10, 2014

Think you can’t use your tablet to share screens with your co-workers? Think again. There are plenty of apps available right now that allow you to share your reports, images, documents and videos with co-workers and friends. With one of these screen-sharing apps, you won’t even miss that heavier laptop computer. Whatever screen sharing it can do, your tablet is now able to do, too. But which screen-sharing apps for iOS should you download? Miguel Leiva-Gomez, a writer for the tech site smallbiz technology, recommends three that should handle all your screen-sharing needs.


Leiva-Gomez starts his review with join.me for good reason. To put it simply, it’s one of the best screen-sharing apps for iOS currently on the market. You will, though, be required to pay for the program’s “pro” version to use it. Once you cough up the monthly fee of just under $20, though, you’ll have the ability to share your screen with co-workers and friends with ease. The program also comes with such goodies as Internet calling, instant chat and file sharing.

Air Sketch

Leiva-Gomez states that this app will turn your tablet into a whiteboard with such features as multiple pages. End users can use images from their own libraries as the background in their whiteboard and they can make use of one of five different drawing tools. Users can also use Air Sketch to open PDFs. The application displays everything in real time, creating an environment well suited to collaboration.

Conference Pad

Though it’s a relatively simple app, that doesn’t suggest that Conference Pad isn’t also a powerful one. Leiva-Gomez writes that that the app is extremely promising in the case of zooming in on documents and PDFs. As he writes, users can do this without sacrificing any image quality. The program also is an intuitive one, one that is easy for new users to get down.


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