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Security Challenges and Hacktivism

Business Technology | April 4, 2012

Technology is ever changing, and cyber-criminals will be ever adapting to it. Recently, MIT’s Technology Review published an article concerning technology security threats that we should be aware if in 2012. As many of us devote a significant amount of time online, being conscious of these threats can help guard vital data.

Stolen, Spoofed Certificates

One difficulty that the article mentioned is stolen or faked certificates. When you log into a website, your bank for instance, the traffic is encrypted with a “certificate”. This proves that the site can be trusted. The faking and stealing of these certificates was a prevalent strategy employed by cyber-criminals in 2011. This can give them access to confidential information.

A Common Security Mechanism in Trouble?

Sites use certificates as a security measure more than any other means. If these are no longer seen as trustworthy it could affect everyone, from the consumer, to the large company that is charged with protecting your information.

Another key security challenge that we should be aware of is “hacktivism”. “Hacktivism” is the blend of the words activism and hack. Groups like Anonymous and LulzSec target organizations that they think are either guilty of wrongdoings or just want to prove the companies have poor security. Whatever the reason, Technology Review says we ought to anticipate groups like these to carry on their “hacktivism” well into the future.

Home Automation

In 2012 another security risk is the growing popularity of home automation. People connect alarm systems, lights, even locks, to the internet to automate their homes. If respected companies are not used or if hackers get into these systems picture the damage that can be done.


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