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Opened your Facebook “Other” folder recently?

Business Technology | May 15, 2014

How many Facebook messages from co-workers, retired bosses and friends have you missed over time? The quantity could be more than you thought, thanks to Facebook’s mysterious “Other” folder.

Uncovering the “Other”

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, recently pointed out the strange case of the “Other” folder. Whenever people who aren’t your Facebook friends send you a message, they’ve got a choice: They can either pay $1 or send that message to your Facebook page’s “Other” folder. Most people, of course, don’t pay the buck.


Unfortunately, this results in lots of lost messages. Most Facebook users don’t know there is an “Other” folder. As a result, they miss hundreds of potentially important messages every year.

Find these lost messages

Make today the day you open the “Other” folder.  In the left-side panel of your Facebook page click “Messages.”  There you’ll see a light gray “Other.” Open it up. As Pogue writes, you might be surprised at how many party invitations and congratulations you’ve missed.


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