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Not all project-management tools are right for all businesses

Business Technology | July 22, 2014

Struggling to determine the right project-management software for your business? Don’t feel bad. Determining the best project-management tool is no easy task. The problem? There lots of options to choose from, and not every one of them is right for every organization.


Fortunately, PCMag.com has done the analysis for you. A newly released review of project-management tool Asana features a very useful matrix comparing Asana to its competitors. The matrix lists the pros and cons with each tool.


For the record, PCMag.com writer Jill Duffy raves about Asana. However, as the matrix shows, Asana is not the only good choice out there.

Your search

Finding the ideal project-management software for your company will take some thought. Many programs are crammed with features that your business will most likely never use. But if you take the time to find the program that best suits your small business? Both you and your employees will see that their productivity will soar.


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