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Microsoft can’t kill off Windows XP

Business Technology | September 10, 2013

Microsoft wants you and your employees to upgrade to Windows 7 or, preferably, Windows 8. That’s why April 8, 2014, is such a big day. It’s the last day that Microsoft will offer service for its much-adored Windows XP operating system. But as InformationWeek writer Kevin Casey says in a recent feature, many users are holding onto XP and resisting an upgrade.

Why the love?

Why? It’s a very simple reason: Business owners and employees like Windows XP. Based on the InformationWeek story, about 37 percent of PCs still run Windows XP. That’s a testament to its long lasting popularity.

No Change?

Microsoft XP is now three versions of Windows old. It’s no surprise that Microsoft is ending support for XP. The company wants users to upgrade to Windows 7 or the much-maligned Windows 8.

Your choice

Will your business make a change? That depends on how comfortable you and your workers are with Windows XP. If the imminent lack of support from Microsoft, though, motivates you to make a change, go with Windows 7. It’s a smooth operating system, too, and has received much less negative press than has Windows 8.


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