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Looking for the best tablet? Think Mini

Business Technology | January 16, 2013

Hunting to obtain a tablet today can be challenging. After all, there are numerous versions of these remarkable devices available today. Bookseller Barnes & Noble offers its own tablet. Amazon has long offered its own versions, while iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets are continually battling for consumer dollars. But the editors of at least one Web site list an unexpected choice as being the best tablet available today: the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

Staffers at the WireCutter blog recommend the iPad Mini for one simple reason: It’s equally powerful as its more substantial cousin, however it weighs less. For staffers of WireCutter, the traditional iPad’s heft, as they refer to it, has become a serious problem. As the staffers wrote in a recent blog post, you can’t hold the traditional iPad like a magazine, which is the ultimate purpose of a tablet. That’s because its weight is a bit more like hefty coffee table or perhaps thinner telephone book. The iPad Mini, alternatively? It really is light.


Of course, the Mini’s small size isn’t enough to recommend it as the top tablet on the market. The editors of WireCutter also found that it performed exceptionally well. As stated by these editors, watching movies with the iPad Mini is a pleasure. Same goes with enjoying music, surfing the web and playing video games. This usefulness, combined with the lighter weight and smaller size of the Mini, combine to make the iPad Mini the best tablet for savvy users today, WireCutter wrote.

The right recommendation?

The WireCutter recommendation, though, shouldn’t be taken as the last word on the subject. The recommendation represents the viewpoint of their Web site’s staff. Your impression might vary. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of tablets to select from. And after you do your own analysis, you might find that you prefer the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet or the traditional iPad to the Mini. The WireCutter review, however, is a compelling bit of evidence that the Mini is no mere novelty act. It is a genuine competitor in the ever more jampacked tablet world.


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