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Looking For an E-reader: 3 Top Devices

Business Technology | September 14, 2012

You’re in the market for a new e-book reader. The great news is that this technology keeps growing in popularity. Which means that there are many choices for how you can spend your e-reader dollars. Of course, that selection of choices is also the bad news. Having a lot of options makes it difficult to decide which device is right for you. Fortunately, the e-readers on the market these days are all high-quality items. The differences between the products are fairly small. So no matter what e-reader you select, the odds are you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. But here is a look at three of the top e-readers to assist you to make your choice.

Nook Color: The Nook Color is Barnes & Noble’s e-reader and it is affordable. You can purchase one for about $150. While the price tag is low, the reading experience is very high in both the display of images and prose. One great feature of the Nook Color is the capacity to look up the definition of words just by touching and holding the word.

The Nook Color has some built-in applications, like the popular music-streaming site, Pandora. And it’s easy to download more applications from the apps store. However, the one complaint most people have is that many of the newer apps are not available for the Nook Color.

Kindle Fire: The Kindle Fire is among the most popular e-readers available. The display is very clear and easy to read. It also comes with an email client and a web browser, and the price tag is reasonable. It goes for around $200.

The one negative thing people have found with the Kindle Fire is that to modify the volume you have to touch the screen to access the controls.

Kobo e-Reader: The Kobo e-Reader Touch doesn’t have the name recognition of either the Nook Color or the Kindle Fire. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy competitor. In fact, you wouldn’t go wrong by spending your e-reader dollars on this great device if reading is your primary goal. Users rave about the reading experience on the Kobo. Images and words are sharp and simple to read. In fact, the Kobo offers seven unique font styles and 17 different font sizes for readers to select from. Others rave about the device’s soft, quilted back. Don’t laugh; this back helps make holding a Kobo feel much more like holding an actual book. That’s a feature that the Nook Color or Amazon Kindle can’t boast.

At the Kobo store, you can download e-books in a wide array of formats. The Kobo is particularly good with comic books and other graphics-heavy books. And then there’s this: If the Kobo’s Wi-Fi feature is shut off, the device’s battery life can last for as long as one full month. That’s pretty extraordinary. The Kobo doesn’t boast all the features of a Nook Color or an Amazon Fire. But for those who want to concentrate on reading, this e-reader does the job.


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