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Let technology keep you cool

Business Technology | August 3, 2011

Staying cool in the summer is sometimes more difficult than it sounds. We all have our own means of beating the heat, be it swimming, eating ice cream, or lounging in a good old-fashioned air-conditioned room. However, there will always be more unique approaches to stay cool, thanks to gadget technology. If you’re looking to last out the summer in comfort, one of these quirky devices just might do the trick.

The Bedfan

This first gadget promises to keep you cool at night, even if you like to sleep under a large blanket. The Bedfan connects to the end of your bed, positioning a small vent just under the covers, and creates a slight breeze. Thanks to natural insulation, this strategically placed airflow generates a fantastic cooling effect. If you sleep best nestled under a large cover but hate being too warm, the Bedfan is here to help. For a closer look at the Bedfan, check out this website.

The BEX Runner

Staying active in the summer can be difficult. Your odds for heat exhaustion can    almost double when exercising in severe heat. While the BEX Runner does not claim to prevent these dangers, it does claim to help regulate body temperature.  The BEX runner attaches to your palm and through the power of science, draws in and stores heat from your body. This effect can make exercising in high temperatures much more comfortable. To learn more about the BEX Runner, visit their website.

The iPocket Fan

This is the perfect gadget for any iPhone fanatic looking for an interesting way to cool down. The iPocket Fan is a charging deck for your iPhone or iPod. Attached to the dock is a small desk fan and, when the iPhone is connected, an animated fan display also appears on screen. If you want to make the fan go faster, simply spin the blades on the animated fan on your touch screen. While this device may not be the best thing to rely on while staying cool, it sure is a lot of fun. Check out the website to learn more.

Keeping cool is easy with the right gadgets. Make sure and beat the heat this summer by regulating your temperature. If you’d like to read up on some more cooling gadgets, take a look at this article.


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