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Keep your employees motivated with these 4 ideas

Business Technology | April 8, 2011

Employee motivation can often be difficult to maintain, especially when you’re running a small business with limited funds. Incentives are really critical when it comes to inspiring your employees, however, so finding simple and affordable alternatives is necessary.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to inspire employees that don’t include big bonuses. A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to showing employee appreciation. Here are a few great, simple ideas:

1. Ask for input

By asking for employees’ opinions, you are showing them that their thoughts are valued. Employees are likely to be more inclined to work harder when they feel that their actions and opinions truly influence the company overall.

2. Change it up

Sometimes boredom comes up when employees fall into a rut. By mixing up their projects and responsibilities, and allowing them to showcase their skills, you are likely to spark a little inspiration that wasn’t there before.

3. Focus on a great company culture

People who love their jobs often do because they feel their company is distinct from others. Companies that offer special or fun perks often draw in great employees and tend to keep their employees happy longer. Things like a game room in the office, where employees can go relieve a little frustration when need be, can go a long way in employee motivation.

4. Recognize people for a job well done

One of the biggest possible motivators is recognizing your employees for doing a good job. When you’re working away at something and feel like nobody recognizes it, it can make your effort seem entirely pointless – regardless of its effect on the company.

Although “employee of the month” programs may seem clichéd, they are actually a great motivator. People like to be recognized for doing a good job and these programs are an easy, inexpensive way to do that.

All of these ideas are great, affordable options for motivating employees when you don’t have a ton of resources. Trying out a few of these ideas could do wonders for employee motivation and keep morale high.

For more examples of inexpensive employee motivators, check out this article.


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