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iPad in the swimming pool? There is hope

Business Technology | January 30, 2013

You had no idea that your cell phone was perched so perilously on the edge of your bathtub. And you obviously didn’t think you might actually knock it over the edge and into gallons of bubble bath and water. But you did. Now your cell phone is ruined, right? Maybe not. Yes, water is undoubtedly an enemy of one’s favorite electronics. However, if you taking action immediately, you may be able to salvage most waterlogged of devices. Here’s how.

Saving drowned technology

The tech Website Gizmodo recently offered a great tutorial of what you can do in order to save the gadgets that they have inadvertently dropped into water. First, and most important, you need to immediately shut off the device’s power. As Gizmodo explains, it’s not water that wrecks your electronic toys– it’s the electrical shorts the water causes. If your device incorporates a battery, quickly remove it. If it doesn’t, make sure to turn the power off and keep it off. Do not be tempted to check to see if your device still works.

Other steps

Next, remove all the pieces you can from your device. This can include SIM cards, SD cards, back covers and headphone port coverings. The aim is to give air more chances to flow through your device. In addition, you should vacuum out as much moisture as you possibly can from your device. For those who have a vacuum with a thin nozzle, you’re in luck. Gizmodo says that this is the most effective way to quickly and effectively remove moisture from electronics. Finally, you need to dry your device. You can do this by placing it inside a bowl of dry white rice or, as Gizmodo says, a bowl of dry Rice Krispies cereal. Just make sure not to add any milk. After 48 hours, you can turn the power back on. Hopefully, your device will spring back to normal.

Keeping it dry

Better than rescuing a gadget from a water grave, though, is keeping it dry to begin with. The simplest way to make this happen? Leave the smartphones, tablets and readers in a dry place when you’re at the pool or preparing to take a bath. Yes, you might want to read that latest spy thriller on your tablet while you’re using the spa. But we wouldn’t recommend it. You may want to invest in one of the numerous waterproof cases available for electronic toys. The New York Times recently took a look at some options, including Liquipel, LifeProof and Joy Factory Rain Ballet. They all work. Nevertheless, it might make more sense to keep the gadgets far from water.


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