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In an Emergency Turn to These Apps

Business Technology | August 17, 2012

It seems like there are a lot of pointless and frivolous apps out there. But there are some helpful apps, and there are some that could even help you in an emergency situation. Whether you need directions to the nearest hospital or an escape route to avoid a flash flood, these smartphone apps could save your skin.


AroundMe is a locater app that’s been around for some time. Using it you can locate the closest bank or gas station in a pinch. You can see how this would come in handy in an emergency. Say you are on a road trip and someone you are with has a medical emergency: with AroundMe you can quickly and easily find a hospital by picking that as your category. It’s no wonder that AroundMe is such a popular app.

CPR & Choking

The name of this app says everything: CPR & Choking gives you tips and full-fledged lessons on how to take care of an individual who is choking or who is not breathing. It can be particularly handy if you’ve never taken CPR classes or have forgotten what you’ve learned. This app, which is free, was developed by the University of Washington and King County EMS to save lives. It contains many different videos that tell you what to do if someone you know is in the middle of a medical emergency or cardiac event.

Emergency Radio Free

Emergency Radio Free is an app that gives you access to live emergency radio feeds across the country. It is simple to tune it in to only ones in your neighborhood so if there is a fire, tornado, or an armed criminal in your community you will be the first to know.

These apps cannot shield you completely but they are good to have in your collection to help safeguard you should a crisis strike.



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