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Improve Your Productivity With These Chrome Extensions

Business Technology | November 9, 2012

When you sit in front of a computer all day is can be appealing to visit sites like The Chive frequently. If you find yourself doing this more then once or twice a day it may be harming your productivity. Luckily, if you use Chrome, there are many different extensions you can add that were created to help you stay away from these disruptions. The Huffington Post wrote a story fairly recently that highlights a number of these, but below we focus on 4 that stood out to us.

Stay Focused

This add-on places a time limit on those time-wasting websites that you like. Once the timer on each site expires, it will stay blocked for the rest of the day, preventing you from clicking on CNN or The Onion for an anti-productivity visit.

Cool Clock

If your lack of focus makes you miss too many meetings or lunch dates, add Cool Clock to your Chrome browser. This add-on features a clock, calendar, alarm, timer and hourly desktop time notifications. It’s created to make sure that you no longer miss any important appointments. You can also set Cool Clock so that it reminds you of the most important tasks you should complete during the day.

Last Pass

Do you have a lot of passwords? Do you devote a lot of time trying to remember this one or that one? Last Pass is a Chrome add-on that tries to make this less difficult. It manages your online passwords for you so you do not have to struggle to remember them.

Turn off the Lights

Sometimes we must watch rather dull videos as part of our jobs. It can be hard to focus on those videos when there are many distractions online and on your desktop. That’s where the Chrome extension Turn off the Lights enters in. This add-on keeps your media player bright but dims anything else on your screen. Use this extension and you will have no excuse for drifting from that corporate video.


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