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How to Improve Email Security

Cyber Security | February 4, 2021
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While cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, cybercriminals still tend to favour email as their ideal method of attack on businesses. Knowing how to improve email security will help protect your business from a wide range of different cyberattacks, including phishing scams and malware. In order to help you improve email security for your business, the team from Next Hop Solutions has put together a list of security measures you can implement.

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1. Create Stronger Passwords

Since having a poor password makes it easier for an account to be compromised, it is extremely important to ensure that all of your employees are creating and using strong passwords. Strong passwords tend to be at least 10 characters in length and contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. If staff members are having a hard time remembering passwords, consider using password management tools to help your staff keep track of current passwords and to generate new ones as needed.

2. Use Two-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication or two-factor authentication is a security process that requires users to provide two separate pieces of information to login to an email account, such as their regular password and a passcode created by the application. Having a second layer of protection can help prevent attackers from accessing important emails, even if they do obtain a user’s password.

3. Consider Using Encryption Software

Email encryption software can be used to protect email communication that requires the highest level of security. Encryption software works by preventing unauthorized users on the network from intercepting emails while they are being transmitted and from reading them. Email servers can also be updated to include a Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol which will ensure that emails can only be read by the intended recipient.

4. Improve User Training

Since the weakest point in any security plan is human error, it is important to ensure that all of your employees are properly trained on how to identify email scams and phishing attacks. Doing so will minimize the chances of employees opening harmful emails.

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If you would like to learn more about how to improve email security, or if you are interested in our cybersecurity services, please contact Next Hop Solutions at 1-855-482-5141 or by requesting a consultation on our website. Our team would love to help you create and implement the best email security plan for your unique business needs.


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