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How Does Cloud-Based Security Work?

Cloud Computing | September 19, 2019

Understanding how cloud-based security works will help ensure that your business’ IT network is being properly protected. At Next Hop Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping your business data as safe as possible on all platforms. That is why we offer a range of IT services for the cloud.

What is Cloud-Based Security?

Cloud-based security, also known as cloud security or cloud computing security, is made up of a series of set policies, controls, procedures, and technologies that are designed to work together to protect cloud-based systems, infrastructure, and data. All cloud-based security measures are specifically configured to meet the needs of each unique business by protecting data, supporting regulatory compliance, protecting customer privacy, and setting authentication rules for individual users and devices.

Cloud-Based Security Services

Some of the most common cloud-based security services include:

  • Access controls—Ensures that data is only accessible to preauthorized users.
  • Data masking—Complex algorithms that translate data so that it can only be read by users with a decryption key or password.
  • Disaster recovery—All critical data is backed up so that is can be quickly recovered after being lost or stolen.
  • Firewalls—Predetermined security rules that control incoming and outgoing network traffic in order to block unauthorized traffic from reaching internal servers.
  • Threat intelligence—Detecting and ranking security threats in order of significance.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Security

Cloud-based security offers a range of benefits, such as:

Centralizes Security

Since cloud-based networks consist of a range of different devices and endpoints, managing these entities centrally can help enhance traffic analysis and filtering, streamline monitoring for network events, and decrease the need for software and policy updates.

Reduces Costs

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud storage and cloud security is that it removes the need to invest in dedicated hardware, reducing capital expenditure. Cloud-based security also eliminates the need for an IT team to reactively fight security issues, as cloud-based security delivers proactive security features 24/7 with little human intervention.


Having the right cloud-based security measures in place means knowing that users will be able to safely access data and applications within the cloud from anywhere with an Internet connection.

If you would like to learn more about how cloud-based security works, or if you are interested in one of our cloud based services, please contact the IT experts from Next Hop Solutions at 1-855-482-5141 or by requesting a consultation on our website.


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