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Explaining the Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

Business Technology | April 20, 2012

Cloud computing has definitely caught on. People can access data that is stored in the cloud—databases located far from their own computer drives. They can store their favorite songs, access powerful word-processing programs, and send their business proposals to the cloud. This saves loads of computer memory, as everything that’s stored in the cloud isn’t stored on a personal computer. The effect is a faster computing experience, as fewer programs gum up the operating speed of home computers.

Not All Clouds are the Same

However, that is not all that you should know about the cloud. You have the public cloud, which is the one most of us use, the private cloud, and the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud, as the name suggests, is a combination of using both the public and private cloud.

The hybrid cloud usually works like this: A business provides some resources in-house. For example, it might store latest consumer data on its private in-house cloud. It may also store employee information, new marketing campaigns, and current proposals to new clients on its in-house storage. That same business, though, might store older, archived data on a public cloud service. This frees up space on the business’ servers, and allows its in-house computers to operate more efficiently.

The Hybrid Cloud Approach Makes Sense

Taking a hybrid cloud approach to data storage allows businesses to take advantage of the space-saving features of the public cloud without also exposing their sensitive current data to third-party providers. In other words, the hybrid cloud provides businesses with security, cost-savings, and efficiency.

It’s little wonder, then, that a great number of organizations today are moving toward a hybrid cloud approach. There is simply too much data floating around today for smaller businesses to adequately store. At the same time, businesses in the present competitive environment do not want to reveal company secrets and sensitive consumer data to either their rivals or hackers. The hybrid cloud could allow businesses to accomplish both feats.


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