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Donít strain your back while soaring above the clouds

Business Technology | June 3, 2014

Typing on your laptop while you’re flying all over the country isn’t much fun. But sometimes it can’t be avoided. What can be avoided is the back pain that you often experience once your plane lands.

No hunching

The big cause of back strain while typing is hunching. That’s right, you typically lean forward while using a laptop. This is particularly so when you’re in a confined environment such as an airplane seat. The solution? Lifehacker recommends you get a laptop stand.


The nice thing about it is that laptop stands are cheap. You can get a good one for around $20. And once you do, you can position your laptop so it sits at the best angle: One that doesn’t require you to hunch as you write those e-mails and put together those reports.


But what do you do if you don’t have a stand? Lifehacker recommends as a last option rolling up one of those Skymall catalogs and making use of it as a makeshift stand.


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