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Do we need a high-tech shower curtain?

Business Technology | January 21, 2014

Do we actually need a high-tech shower curtain? What about snow gloves that let you answer phone calls and listen to music while you’re shoveling your front walk? Thanks to new technology, we can now actually purchase these devices.

High-tech in the shower

The Huffington Post recently had a look at both products. The first, the $39.95 iPad Musical Shower curtain from retailer Hammacher Schlemmer, lets telemarketers find you even when you’re soaping up in the shower. Yes, the device lets you connect an iPad or smartphone to the curtain. This way, you can listen to your favorite music and take that urgent call from your friendly telemarketer while in the middle of a hot shower.

Just as high-tech snow gloves

Now your snow gloves can do a lot more than keep your hands warm. The Snow Gloves from Beartek, retailing for $120, connect to your smartphone wirelessly. Which means you can keep your phone tucked in your pocket while shoveling and still take calls from work or your spouse. You can even use it to order a hot pizza as a reward for all that shoveling!

Do we need them?

These gadgets are nifty. However the big question is: Do we honestly need them? Do we really need to be so connected that we can’t even take a shower without receiving a call from our bosses? The world has become a high-stress place. It’s unclear whether gadgets such as these will calm our lives or simply boost the stress we’re already dealing with.


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