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Check Out These 10 Email Marketing Best Practices

Business Technology | November 4, 2014

Email marketing can be a tricky business, and what’s acceptable is subject to change as time passes, so it’s a good idea to revisit email marketing best practices on a regular basis. What works best is affected by other aspects and technology changes, so if we want to get the very best results we need to keep current.

Here are what we consider ten best practices for email marketing right now

  1. Craft an attention-getting subject line – This is task one, as if you don’t make this something that compels an open, you’re finished. Use short, bold and punchy text.
  2. Mobile optimized emails – If you’re not mobilizing for mobile now, you’re missing out, as some 67 percent of all emails are now opened by way of a mobile device.
  3. Let them know who it’s from – Having a bland perfunctory “From” address can lead to your emails never getting opened. Make it recognizable.
  4. Utilize several calls to action – If you really want the click, sell it, and make sure you have one of these above the fold.
  5. Keep body of email short – Brevity is the clear winner presently, when everyone is pressed for time. Use short, clear paragraphs and text.
  6. Utilize videos and images – Videos and compelling imagery can often make the case your words may not. Everyone likes to view, so be sure and give them what they want.
  7. Emphasize benefits to reader – Don’t spend time talking about you: all they really want to know is what’s in it for them, so be sure not to disappoint.
  8. Don’t send too little or too much – This is one you need to test, as all audiences are a bit different, but rest assured that once a month is too little, and a dozen times a week is excessive.
  9. Encourage and enable social sharing – Using social sharing effectively doubles your click through rate. Any more questions?
  10. Create compelling content – Delivering valuable, timely content your readers can use will do you more good than almost any other of these best practices. Become somebody they would like to hear from, and you’re halfway home.


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