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Can Samsung crack the business market?

Business Technology | January 16, 2014

No one could argue that Samsung isn’t a dominant force in the smartphone and tablet industry. Consumers are flocking to these devices. But the word “consumers” is the key one in that last sentence. In spite of Samsung’s successes in selling tablets and smartphones to consumers, it still has a lot of work to do to lure business leaders to consider its phones.

Targeting businesses

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal states that Samsung is currently the globe’s top seller of smartphones to consumers. The story, though, also says that if Samsung is to continue to grow it must master a new talent: Selling its smartphones to businesses, as well. That is an area in which the smartphone giant is not yet thriving.

Security issues

The biggest hurdle keeping Samsung from making bigger inroads in the business world? According to the Wall Street Journal, security issues have made business executives leery. Samsung’s mobile security system, known as Knox, has experienced costly delays and performance problems. This has caused some business leaders to steer clear of making Samsung smartphones their devices of choice.

The future?

Samsung is capable of reaching BlackBerry-level heights in the business community, the Journal story says. BlackBerry, of course, has long dominated the business market thanks in part to its superior mobile security systems. BlackBerry today, though, has fallen on hard times. This leaves an opening for Samsung, if the company can first boost its mobile security.


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