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Boost your small business with these IT projects

Business Technology | April 2, 2013

Your New Year’s resolution was to expand your small business in 2013. How is that resolution going? If you’re struggling to improve your small business’ revenues so far this year, it may be time to head for your IT department. That’s right: Your IT department provides the technical expertise to make your business more efficient. That, in return, can raise your employees’ productivity and grow your business’ bottom line. Here are a few tech projects that Small Business Computing.com suggests for small business owners who want to see their businesses grow in 2013.


Maybe you permit your employees to use their own tablets or laptop computers on the job. This doesn’t mean as much if your office doesn’t have its own Wi-Fi network. Small Business Computing.com points out that Wi-Fi networks today serve a wide variety of devices, everything from tablets and smartphones to laptops, printers and cameras. If you want your employees to be as productive as possible, whether they are researching new business alternatives or sending proposals to potential customers, you should provide them with access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. This is a task, obviously, that is ideal for your business’ IT department.

Invest in Ultrabooks

Your employees can do more when they can tote laptops to meetings with customers. Traditional laptops, though, are too clunky. And small Netbooks are often too slow and limited. Ultrabooks, though, are a different story. These laptops are both small and light enough to be portable, and powerful enough to allow staff members to display multimedia demonstrations and reports to prospective customers. One way to see your business grow is to provide your employees more options for snagging new clients. Ultrabooks are one of these options.

Wipe out Windows XP

A surprising number of companies still have computers running the Windows XP . This is unproductive. For one thing, Microsoft will no longer support this 10-year-old operating system as of April 8, 2014. Which means that Microsoft will no longer be sending monthly security updates for the software. At the same time, newer versions of the Windows operating system, especially Windows 7, are just more efficient. Give your employees a better chance of finishing their projects faster — upgrade from Windows XP.


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