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Blue Skies: 5 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

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In our last post, we listed some primary concerns that business owners have when considering a switch to cloud computing.  If those were the Grey Skies, then this week’s post is aptly named Blue Skies.  We’ll be looking at 5 major benefits of cloud computing, information to give cloud newbies a boost of confidence in their decision to switch.

1 – Agility

Cloud operations have come a long way since their inception.  If you’ve got a decent internet package from your local provider, then any bandwidth and speed-related hiccups are virtually non-existent.  This is a major factor when considering program deployment.  If you’ve got 30 employees who each need a large software update to be run or who require a new program installed for a specific task, then you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of managing such a roll-out.  But, running software through the cloud speeds this process up significantly since it can be done simultaneously across all 30 workstations.  The process of adding software across multiple machines becomes undeniably simple.  The tech integration process is also expedited as there is no need to assemble a costly and time-consuming project team for handling the roll-out or server upgrades.

2 – Scalability

We touched on this briefly in our first cloud-focused blog post but the point is so strong that it made our top 5 list here.  If you’re storing your company’s data and running company software all on an in-house set of servers, then you’re entirely limited by their size and capability.  If you ever needed to acquire more storage, it would require purchasing additional hardware which only moves the ceiling up slightly.  It’s likely that you would need to upgrade again in the near future.

A cloud service provider like Nexthop, on the other hand, can provide the right amount of storage for your business and it can be scaled up as needed.  You’ll never need to purchase and maintain expensive servers.


3 – Mobility

Running your business in the cloud, especially when that includes running programs via cloud operations, unleashes the power of mobility.  You will no longer be bound by location limitations; your files and your software can be accessed anywhere and at any time!  Think about an off-site meeting with an important client, during which you suddenly require some information that you hadn’t anticipated needing.  Pre-cloud, you would be stranded, probably calling the office hoping that someone would be able to forward the information to you.  While the problem would ultimately be resolved, valuable time will have passed and your important meeting will have lost its flow.  However, with cloud operations, you have all your files with you all the time.

4 – Space Saving

When your company stores all its data on off-site private servers or overseas on public servers through Google, Microsoft and Amazon, then there is very little need for bulky servers taking up valuable space in your office.  Depending on the size of your business, the space you free up may be quite substantial!  To fully enjoy the freedom of reclaimed space, try using the cloud to its full potential:  with not only hosted servers, but hosted desktops and hosted computers.  The more you can run in the cloud, the less you need to store in your office.

5 – Collaboration

Granted, there are loads of opportunities for collaboration within an office that utilizes networked computers on a static server.  But these opportunities become exponentially more powerful once your IT provider has set you up in the cloud, on hosted servers.  If your business is made up of more than one office, perhaps you’ve got one in Vancouver and another in Calgary, then cloud computing will allow a group of employees spread across the breadth of your company to work simultaneously on a single project.

If you were on the fence about moving your business to the cloud, hopefully these 5 benefits have convinced you.  Our previous blog post discussed some important points to consider during your switch, so take a moment and check that out.  And remember, as an IT provider, Nexthop is here to help you manage your technology.  If you have any questions about cloud computing or if you’d like us to help you assess your IT needs, leave a comment below.  You can also reach us at www.Nexthop.ca


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