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Be smart. Back up your Evernote notebooks

Business Technology | June 26, 2013

How safe do you think your data is when you store them in an Evernote notebook? The surprising answer: Not quite as safe as you might think. That’s because Evernote isn’t a true backup service. It’s a synching service.

Not as safe

But this isn’t quite as secure as you think. That’s because Evernote is a synching service, not a backup service. It’s possible for some disaster – whether an accident or the work of a cybercriminal – to erase not just the files on your hard drive, but those stored on Evernote’s servers. Thankfully, tech site How-To Geek explains just how you can create backups of your Evernote notebooks, a way to truly protect your most important data.


Thankfully, you can protect yourself fairly easily by backing up your Evernote notebooks. As How-To Geek says, you’ll require an installed copy of Evernote’s desktop application for either Windows or OS X, based on what kind of computer you use.


To do this, first right-click on any notebook and choose the “Export Notes” option. In addition, you can export your notes in a wide variety of formats, including Evernote’s native one. Now, if you lose the notebook or the data it holds, you can select the “import” option to restore the exported notebook as a wholesale replacement for the notebook you lost.


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