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5 Most FAQ About Backup

Business Technology | November 15, 2016
The 5 Most Asked FAQ's about Computer Backups

5 Most FAQ About Backup

Hey, it’s Tim from Next Hop Solutions with another technology insight for professionals. Today we are going to talk about the 5 most Frequently Asked Questions we get about backup for professional officers. If you are a professional officer, just law, accounting, engineering, this information is for you.

#1 – Hey, we get this question still all the time, why should I backup?

My answer is, really? We all use computers everyday, and we’ve all lost a file or worse, a system. You are probably really happy that you had a good backup, right? Where you? We backup to protect our work, so that it can be recovered quickly. Nobody is wasting time losing files or redoing work.

#2 – What should I backup?

We just talked about backing up files, and usually that’s not enough. You should also be backing up things like email, calendar, schedules, time entries, databases, just to name a few. Look, there are hours and hours of time spent working on files in your office and the systems that run your office today. Just think about your office, and if you are to lose any of those systems in your office, how long it would take to rebuild any of those from scratch?

#3 – How should I backup?

Hey, that’s a great question. If someone were to ask me today, “How should I backup my system?” I would say, use an image backup. Backing up computers is nothing new, we’ve been doing it forever. We used to backup the tape once a day. You’ve probably worked in an office where somebody in your office was rotating tapes, labeling tapes, storing tapes, this is what we considered a file only backup.

Just like everything else, backups have come a long way. The technology has changed. Today we use image backups, where entire servers can be backed up and restored to exactly to the way they were. Let’s talk about the difference between a file backup versus a system backup. You can consider a file backup like taking copies of the contents of your house, like your furniture, you jewelry, your vehicles, your photo albums, but not the house itself. If you were to have a disaster like a fire or a flood, sure, you would have a backup of all your contents of your house, but you would have nowhere to put them. Whereas a system backup is a backup of all your contents, including the house.

#4 – How frequently should I backup?

We used to do nightly backups, but the nightly backup, that just doesn’t cut it anymore. With how quickly things are changing, and how much work is done in an office, taking a once a day backup is just isn’t enough. We recommend taking an hourly backup.

#5 – What could go wrong?

Should I check my backup? Hey, we see it all the time, where backup systems are missing files, or complete areas are missing from the backup. Truthfully, backup can be a pain. To do it properly, needs to be checked everyday, and verified. The last thing you want to be asking is, “Did we have a backup last night? When we are having an emergency.

Today we covered 5 of our top backup questions.

  1. Why should I backup?
  2. What should I backup?
  3. How should I backup?
  4. How often should I backup?
  5. What could go wrong if I don’t check my backup?

Okay, so, I hope that was helpful today. Just to summarize. Number 1, you need to have a backup, and number 2, you need to have a backup. As always, if you have any comments, pop in below. If you have any questions about backup, feel free to send us an email at info@nexthop.ca. Till next time, I’m Tim Hall from Next Hop Solutions.


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