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5 Keys to Data Protection

Business Technology | October 18, 2016
5 Keys to Computer Data Protection and Security

5 Keys to Data Protection

Hi, it’s Tim Hall here from Next Hop Solutions with another technology insight for professionals. Today we’re going to talk about the five keys to data protection for professional offices in Canada. If you’re a law office or accounting office, engineering, this information is for you.

Let’s talk about data protection.

#1 – We recommend a whole system backup

Why? When it comes to backup it’s really about recovery time. If you’re not using a whole system backup when it’s time to recover you’re really just piecing things together. Let’s talk about backing up a program for an example. If you lost a program and you need to recover it, and you weren’t backing up the whole program just the files, when it was time to recover you would need to find the installation CD’s, the the activation codes, redo the settings, reinstall the program before you can even get to recovering the files.

#2 – Backing up frequently

Backing up frequently protects your data regularly, keeping it fresh. If you’re thinking about working on a file, you were to lose that file and you could just go back to a more earlier recovery point, it may only be minutes old. If you multiply that across the office and you have many people working on files and you’re not backing up regularly, there could be a lot of lost work and a lot of people re-entering data. Simply backing up frequently will save you time and frustration.

#3 – Make sure you’re saving your files in an area that’s being back up by the system

If you’re saving your files to a laptop or a thumb drive and it’s lost or stolen the chances are those files aren’t being backed up. It’s an easy configuration. If you have any questions about it just give our office a call.

#4 – Backing up off site

To this point we’ve been talking about backup. Why would you take an off site backup? How about if the backed up data you have on site becomes unusable and you can’t recover from it? You can always use your off site copies. If you have some kind of disaster in the office like a floor or a server stolen going to your off site copies will let you recover your systems to the way they were. If you’re a larger firm, based on the amount of data you have you should really be using an off site backup.

#5 – Backup in Canada

Hey, it makes a lot of sense to have an off site backup but where is that data being stored? If you have sensitive client data like an accounting office or a law firm and you need to be sure it’s secure you need to backup to Canada. We do that. We back it up, we encrypt it, and it’s all stored in Canada.

Okay, guys. Today we talked about five things. Number one, using a whole system backup for quicker recovery times. Number two, taking frequent backups so the data is fresh. Number three, making sure you’re backing up your data in a place where it’s being backed up. Number four, using an off site backup as part of your recovery time. Number five, keeping your data in Canada so it’s secure. Hopefully, that was helpful. If you have any comments throw them below. If you have any questions about your backup system feel free to send us an email at info@nexthop.ca, we’d love to help. Until next time, I’m Tim Hall from Next Hop Solutions.


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