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3 Killer Ways to Use Google Hangouts in Your Business

Business Technology | November 13, 2014

Google Hangouts were made to take advantage of the best of both video and social media, by creating a platform where you and your audience can interact and educate. Unlike most traditional webinar platforms it offers the advantage of being near immediate, very interactive, widely accessible and best of all free.

Not only that, they’re free to use. This makes it easy to decide to use Hangouts at least in part for your business, even so the question remains, how? What ways are there to best incorporate this platform into my marketing mix quickly and easily?

Let’s look at 3 ways you can do just that!

3 Ways to Use Google Hangouts in your Business

Great alternative to webinars – Small businesses often can’t afford the expense of using services like GoToWebinar, which can run you north of $500 a month if you have sizeable audiences. Hangouts are free, drop-dead easy to start, and require no elaborate tech setup. What’s more, Google will record it all for you and send it to your YouTube account when you’re done. Hangouts are an effortless way to hold a “webinar” without having the expense and expertise required of other platforms.

Give a glimpse into your business – Hangouts can be an easy way to show off your latest products, introduce new services, and give a look inside your business. Using hangouts for instruction and customer service are excellent ways to increase your brand authority and give customers top-notch service. This is especially true if you use social media along with Hangouts to widen your reach.

Engagement and fast service – Hangouts work great for engaging with your audience, especially a small one. Being virtually face to face with your audience is invaluable, and has a great many benefits when it comes to your efforts to brand yourself in your chosen market. Hangouts also make it possible to be a participant in what is becoming known as Agile marketing, that is, the ability to quickly respond to trends and market events with answers and solutions. This ability on your part will resonate wide within your market.


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