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Maintaining IT Harmony.

IT News - September 2015

The latest on our IT experience
Business Technology | September 17, 2015

The digital threats business faces are becoming ever more sophisticated. Yes, the biggest gaps remain easy and simple to fix, but even if you’ve disabled links in emails,chosen a password...

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Business Technology | September 15, 2015

Article 5 Content (to put into HTML creator) – Seeing your website the same way your visitors do is pretty important. But if Google doesn’t love you, no-one else is...

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Business Technology | September 10, 2015

With Windows 10, Microsoft has had to swallow two bitter pills: the poor reception of Windows 8 and the end of software as a product. To sweeten that medicine, the...

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Business Technology | September 8, 2015

The days when there were two and a half operating systems – Mac for creative types, Windows for everyone else and Linux for the weird kids in the corner –...

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