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All of our solutions focus on enhancing and maintaining these key technology areas: Performance, support, and Protection

Why does performance matter?

Nobody likes to wait for a “not responding” program, or a wheel spinning, or needing to reboot your computer multiple times each day to have it work quicker.  Technology really allows a business to get things done at an incredible rate but when it stops working it can literal stop you from doing what you get paid to do

That’s why we use proper design, hardware, and correct software configurations to make things run a lot smoother.

Why do you need support?

It’s just like anything else if no one is watching it or maintaining it’s just a matter of time before it breaks or isn’t working well.  The last thing you want is your staff wasting time on computer problems or losing time with work arounds and things that just don’t work the way they are supposed to.

We monitor all your technology 24/7 and automatically fix anything that comes up.  With our automated maintenance plans we keep the technology running and free of clutter by automatically removing unnecessary temporary files, harmful programs, and keep systems patched up to date.  When a staff member needs help installing a program, correcting an error, or to making things work, they can call our local and personable help desk.  We have techs available for any IT projects or on-site work that your office may need.

Why do you need to protect your information and systems and keep it all safe? 

Security is more important than ever with most information stored digital on computers in your office it needs to be organized and secured.  With the latest ransomware computer virus that are circulating today that can literal take your data hostage and demand a ransom to return it, security needs to be stepped up with technology and education.

We look at security from internal, external, and recovery aspects.  Are their proper passwords being used?  Are the staff educated on the types of threats through email and browsing? Are there access controls in place for who sees what?  Is there an inventory in place for what devices are assigned to who?  What devices contain company data and is it allowed to be taken off-site unencrypted?

If data is lost due to an error, failure, or disaster (such as theft, flood or fire), how will it be recovered and how quickly?

Are the correct firewalls in places to stop unauthorized access to the network?


Design – Hardware -Software


Proactive – Help Desk – On-Site


External – Internal -Recovery

Free Download 10 Point Data Backup Checklist Download Now

Sign up and get instant access to our
10 Point Data Backup Checklist

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