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Practicing Law in the Digital Age

When it comes to practicing law in today’s digital world, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages. We offer solutions that will assist your day-to-day operations, keeping things running smoothly, all while keeping your data secure.

High Performance: Keeping Your Internal Processes up to Speed

When it comes to practicing law, whether you are a large firm or an independent or solo practice – keeping your systems running smoothly is a must. This point transcends spinning wheels and delayed loading speeds; time is money, and time lost is money lost.

  • Programs that offer case information can sometimes be bogged down due to caseloads, or can run slow simply due to becoming outdated.
  • Programs that allow quick indexing of case law information, precedents, city ordinances, and other useful information can also become compromised due to aging software or other issues.
  • Programs used for billing are especially prone to “buggy” behavior.

In a business where accurate and expedient information is needed routinely, waiting for slow systems to finally provide this information is luxury most attorneys simply cannot afford.

In fact, data compilation is one of the primary functions of any case, be it personal injury, criminal defense, corporate law, real estate or property law, or other types of law practice.

We provide system-wide, quality performance, ensuring the information you need is always there when you need it.


24/7 Support: Automatic Maintenance Solutions

Computer drives can get weighed down by excess processes, temporary files, unused storage space, etc. With our automated maintenance plans, we monitor your systems 24/7, removing any unneeded files, removing malware or things that may harm your systems, and keeping your current programs updated to the newest operating systems.

As far as manual operations go, we have technical engineers standing by to assist you or your staff through our help desk.

Whether the assistance is in regards to error corrections, complex programming, or simply installing new software – we are here to help.

Cyber Security: Monitored Data Protection

Security is one of the most critical aspects of keeping any data online; especially client information. We offer security solutions that will ensure your firms data will be kept private, organized, and completely secure.

Cyber threats are very real, and their target is information. Law firms are especially vulnerable to these attacks because law firms harbor personal information on their clients. There are hackers actively searching for personal data files, and law firms are the most abundant source for this type of information.

We employ:

  • Access control measures to limit access to certain information.
  • Internal security measures to implement first-class security protocols.
  • External security protocols to ensure firewalls are not breached, and data remains secure.
  • Recovery Protocols to ensure lost information can be recovered.
  • Encryption protocols to ensure no secure information is sent unencrypted.
  • And more.

Let our team of technical experts help your firm where it matters most. Let us create office-wide solutions for your law firm, so you may increase efficiency, productivity, and security.

Free Download 10 Point Data Backup Checklist Download Now

Sign up and get instant access to our
10 Point Data Backup Checklist

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