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Working Remotely For Free

Working Remotely | October 25, 2016
IT Solutions for Working Remotely

There are loads of reasons for choosing to work remotely. For some it’s a matter of continuous accessibility and reducing limitations while meeting out of office. For others, it might be the key to harnessing productivity while at home. In any case, setting up a remote workstation that is effective and affordable has never been easier.

In our previous post we introduced you to the idea of working remotely and we took a look at some well-known software that’s available to you as well as the difference in cost that each brand offers.

With this installment, we’ll show you how simple it is to get started with FREE software and we’ll weigh the pro’s and con’s of using software that is affordable but, perhaps, limited when compared to more costly solutions.


For LogMeIn and TeamViewer (or other similar programs), you’ll need to install your chosen software on both workstations: your office desktop and your remote workstation. After downloading the install files, both of these software run a guided setup. Simply follow the instructions as they present themselves and move forward accordingly. If you have installed your own software before then this will be familiar territory as the companies make an effort to remain consumer-friendly.

You may find yourself wondering, though, if I want to get as much out of my remote workstation as possible, why would I short-change myself by using such a simple product? Don’t I need something that is designed specifically for businesses like mine? Good questions. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of using software like LogMeIn and TeamViewer:


  • Easy to install. You can do it yourself and be up and running in minutes!
  • Both allow you to remotely control your work desktop.
  • Both give you the ability to transfer files from your work computer to your home computer or vice versa.
  • Remote printing means you can print at the office … from home!
  • Work around your company firewall – NO firewall configuration needed.


  • Although free at first, some will cost money after a few weeks.
  • Software at this level can be laggy.
  • Software needs to be maintained and updated on both computers.
  • These don’t create a true direct link to your computer. You’ll be using a 3rd party server.

When it comes to working remotely, you may be in the perfect position to benefit from FREE software. OR, you might find yourself wishing you had access to those features offered by larger, more costly brands. In our next post, we’ll get up-close and personal with Microsoft Remote Desktop’s setup process and key features to help you make an informed decision.

Until then, if you have questions and comments about working remotely, just pop them below in the comments section. Or you can always contact us at

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