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IT News - December 2013

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Business Technology | December 30, 2013

Crowdfunding is incredibly hot. We like the concept of getting a lot of people together, getting them to all make small donations and fund important projects. But could this funding...

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Business Technology | December 26, 2013

Debating whether to buy your kids a Microsoft Xbox One this holiday season? Or perhaps you think the Sony PlayStation 4 is the better choice. If you’re unable to determine...

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Business Technology | December 23, 2013

Think your employees can recognize the most devious forms of spear phishing, when cyber criminals state they are a legitimate business person in an effort to gain access to your...

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Business Technology | December 12, 2013

Microsoft’s entry to the tablet market, the Surface, has failed to catch the imagination of consumers. Now Microsoft is back with a reworked tablet, the Surface 2. Unfortunately, according to...

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Business Technology | December 10, 2013

We all know that Microsoft needs a new chief executive officer. What we have no idea of is who’s going to take over this key tech-industry post. PCWorld writer Mark...

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Business Technology | December 5, 2013

Video games are supposed to be fun, right? But some of the most popular video games out there feel a lot more like work. PCWorld recently took a quick look...

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Business Technology | December 3, 2013

Don’t be surprised to see your postman show up with an Amazon package this Sunday…if you live in one of three key cities: New York, Los Angeles or London. The...

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