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IT News - December 2012

The Latest On Our IT Experience
Business Technology | December 21, 2012

When we have a lot of clutter and papers on our desk, it can be hard to work efficiently. If you spend your days looking at a desk cluttered with all of your tasks, you can easily be intimidated. And what about under your desk

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Business Technology | December 19, 2012

What really matters when you’re purchasing a new laptop?

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Business Technology | December 14, 2012

Everything is going digital nowadays, even medical records. Last time you were at the doctor did they take out an envelope to access your health records

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Business Technology | December 12, 2012

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to communicate with your organization. You’d like your customers to have a fast and simple way to contact your small business if they have questions or inquiries about a product or service

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Business Technology | December 7, 2012

Technology evolves quickly and as it has evolved, technology comes into our lives changing the way we operate daily.

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Business Technology | December 6, 2012

The Windows 8 operating system has had a lot of positive reviews. It has a wide range of features that were not present in previous versions

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