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Beyond the Chair: Creating a Better Dental Practice

As you know, maintaining a successful dental practice relies on much more than filling cavities. We offer strategic technical solutions across the board that will ensure your day-to-day operations remain effective, productive, and secure.

Cutting-Edge Performance: Keeping Your Systems Running Smooth

Patient information must be accessible at a moment’s notice. Ensuring this information is organized and up to date is just as important.

  • Billing systems can become dated or disorganized.
  • Patient information can become bogged down by non-pertinent information or malware.
  • Basic data involving overhead can become vulnerable or outdated.

We configure your software settings to ensure maximum efficiency, allowing your routine operations to run smoothly and without lengthy loading times. Through our model, this data will be available at the touch of a button.

We design hardware that streamlines your workflow. Our state-of-the-art, custom designed hardware can be tailor made to suit your needs. We create hardware to match your needs, providing simple solutions to your most complex tasks.

Don’t let your office technology become an untouchable force; let us meet your needs by developing technology easily managed by people.

System Support: Automated Resources

We offer automated system maintenance protocols that will ensure your computers and connected devices are operating at full capacity at all times.

Our automated support monitors your systems and networks 24/7, removing any and all unnecessary files, malware or other harmful programs, and by installing and updating any software patches or upgrades needed. This way, your systems are always running the newest operating systems for maximum efficiency.

We also offer immediate support through our help desk also available to you 24/7. Our technical support operators are here to assist you with correcting any errors and navigating complex system tasks, to simply downloading a new program.

We make your daily routine easier.

Data Monitoring: We Keep Your Information Safe

Cyber security is a foremost threat in the medical and dental field. Personal and sensitive information can be breached and exploited without proper security measures in place.

Wherever personal patient information is kept, it is targeted by hackers. Malware, Trojan horses, worms, and other forms of viruses are created to steal sensitive data. We stop them before they can loot your practice or patient information.

We employ:

  • Access control which limits access to information to only those who need it.
  • Internal security which implements top-of-the-line protocols for added security.
  • External security which ensures firewalls are never breached, so data remains secure.
  • Recovery Protocols for quick and easy lost information recovery.
  • Encryption protocols to ensure sensitive or private information is never sent unencrypted.
  • And more.

Let us design, implement, and secure your computer systems today for a faster, more reliable, and more secure experience.

Free Download 10 Point Data Backup Checklist Download Now

Sign up and get instant access to our
10 Point Data Backup Checklist

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